Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hooray for more styles!


When picking an outfit Cara's main go to is comfort. Something with a neat print, loose fit and on trend. Her choice of clothing is usually based on instinct, and mostly comfort. She's pretty funny the first thing she tells me is that her go to is "$10 and under! That's what I look for. :D" My response "...that's helpful..." Cara is my thrift store buddy that along with Carissa! Since its winter sweaters are the most exciting to hunt for. But there are some exceptions that catch our attention like this top for Cara. (This top is not thrifted. Its actually bought) 


I usually gravitate to clothing that have bright colours but not all the time lately its been colours like mustard yellow, or give off a warm effect. But this orange scarf is a fun pop of colour. Mixing patterns is fun too. I guess I like to play with shapes and colours when it comes to dressing myself. I'd say a my outfits are a good mix of thrifted, vintage, and bought stuff. 


How can I say this, when it comes to Nancy you can trust that her style is whats current. A little preppy but always on point. I'm pretty sure her new favourite clothing store is J. Crew so you kind of get the idea where her style influences are. Its all works well for her cause she's lean and tall (like a super model! ) Clothes always looks good on her. I guess this Sunday she's more dressed down than usual. Exam time I tell ya no time to dress intensely. 

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